What to Know About GlassesUSA

If you’re in the market for new glasses, you may have heard of GlassesUSA. This online retailer offers a wide variety of frames and lenses at affordable prices. But what should you know before making a purchase?

First of all, it’s important to note that GlassesUSA is an online-only retailer. This means you won’t be able to try on frames in person before making a purchase. However, the company offers a virtual try-on tool that allows you to upload a photo of your face and see how different frames will look on you.

GlassesUSA also offers a variety of lens options, including single vision, progressives, and bifocals. Plus, you can choose from a range of lens materials, coatings, and tints to customize your glasses to your specific needs.

Overall, GlassesUSA can be a great option for those looking for affordable glasses with a wide selection of styles and customization options. However, if you prefer to try on frames in person before making a purchase, you may want to look elsewhere.

History and Overview

History of GlassesUSA

GlassesUSA was founded in 2008 by Daniel Rothman and Eldad Rothman with a mission to provide affordable eyewear without sacrificing quality. The company started as an online-only retailer and has since grown to be one of the top online eyewear retailers in the United States.

Overview of GlassesUSA

GlassesUSA offers a wide selection of eyewear including prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. Customers can try on glasses virtually using the company’s online virtual try-on feature. The company also offers a 14-day free trial period, allowing customers to return their glasses for any reason within 14 days of receiving them.

GlassesUSA’s website is user-friendly and offers a range of features to help customers find the right glasses for their needs. The website has filters to narrow down selection by frame shape, frame material, and lens type. Prescription glasses are available in single vision, progressive, and bifocal lenses.

Overall, GlassesUSA is a reputable brand that offers high-quality eyewear at affordable prices. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation has led to its success as a top online eyewear retailer.

Types of Eyewear Available

Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses are the most common type of eyewear available at GlassesUSA. They are designed to correct or improve vision based on the user’s specific prescription. GlassesUSA offers a wide variety of frames in different styles, shapes, and colors to fit the user’s preference and face shape. The lenses can also be customized with different coatings, tints, and thicknesses.


Sunglasses are not just a stylish accessory but an essential eyewear for protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays. GlassesUSA has a collection of sunglasses in different shapes, colors, and materials. Some styles also have polarized lenses that enhance visual clarity and reduce glare.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are designed to improve near vision, mainly for reading or doing close-up work. GlassesUSA offers a range of reading glasses with different magnification levels and styles. They are available as full-frame, half-frame, or rimless glasses.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are designed to filter out harmful blue light that is emitted by electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. GlassesUSA has a wide variety of frames with blue light blocking lenses that help reduce eye strain, headaches, and improve sleep quality.

Kids Glasses

GlassesUSA has an extensive collection of prescription glasses specifically designed for kids. These glasses are available in different frames, sizes, and colors to fit kids’ faces and preferences. They are also durable, comfortable, and come with safety features like shatter-resistant lenses.

Sports Glasses

Sports glasses are designed to protect the eyes during physical activities like sports. GlassesUSA offers a range of sports glasses for different sports like basketball, tennis, and cycling. These glasses have impact-resistant lenses, non-slip nose pads, and adjustable temple tips to ensure a secure fit during active movements.

Virtual Try-On Feature


GlassesUSA offers a unique “Virtual Try-On” feature that allows customers to see how glasses will look on their face before making a purchase. This feature uses augmented reality technology to simulate how the glasses will fit and look on a 3D image of the customer’s face.

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How it works:

To use the Virtual Try-On feature, customers can upload a photo of their face or use their computer’s camera to take a live video. Then, they can select a pair of glasses from the website and click the “try-on” button. The glasses will then appear on the 3D image of the customer’s face, allowing them to see how they look from different angles.


The Virtual Try-On feature offers several benefits for customers. Firstly, it saves time and money by allowing customers to test out different styles and frames without leaving their homes. Secondly, it helps customers make more informed purchases by providing a realistic view of how glasses will look on their face. Thirdly, it reduces the risk of purchasing glasses that do not fit well or do not suit the customer’s face shape. Overall, the Virtual Try-On feature is a valuable tool for helping customers make the best possible choices when shopping for glasses online.

Prescription Lens Options

Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses are perfect for people who need corrective lenses for one of the following vision problems:

  • Nearsightedness (myopia)
  • Farsightedness (hyperopia)
  • Astigmatism

At GlassesUSA, you can choose from several lens materials, including:

  1. Polycarbonate lenses: These lenses are thin, lightweight, and impact-resistant. They are perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle or have children who are hard on their glasses.
  2. High-Index lenses: If you have a high prescription and need strong correction, high-index lenses may be a good choice. They are thinner and lighter than standard lenses, which helps reduce the “coke bottle” effect that can sometimes occur with strong prescriptions.

Progressive Lenses

If you need lenses for both near and far vision, progressive lenses may be a good option. These lenses blend multiple prescriptions into one seamless lens, so there’s no need to switch between multiple pairs of glasses.

At GlassesUSA, you can choose from several progressive lens options, including:

  • Basic progressives: These are a great option if you’re looking for an affordable progressive lens solution. They’re designed to offer clear vision at all distances and are a great choice for first-time progressive lens wearers.
  • Premium progressives: If you’re looking for the latest lens technology, premium progressives may be a good choice. These lenses are designed to provide wider fields of vision, reduced distortion, and better image stability.

Whether you choose single vision or progressive lenses, GlassesUSA offers a variety of lens options and materials to meet your specific needs.

Price and Payment Options


GlassesUSA offers affordable pricing for their eyewear products, with prices starting as low as $19. Additionally, they frequently offer discounts and promotions that can be applied to purchases. The website also has a “Price Match Guarantee” policy, which means that if a customer finds a lower price for the same product on a different website, GlassesUSA will match the price.

Payment Options

GlassesUSA accepts a variety of payment methods, including major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Additionally, they accept payment through PayPal, which offers a secure and convenient way to pay. For customers who prefer to pay in installments, GlassesUSA also offers financing options through Affirm, allowing customers to pay for their purchase over time. GlassesUSA uses SSL encryption technology to ensure that all customer data is secure and protected during the payment process.

Shipping and Handling

Free Shipping and Returns

GlassesUSA offers free standard shipping on all orders within the United States, whether it’s a single pair or multiple pairs of glasses. Orders typically arrive within 7-10 business days. If you need your order sooner, expedited shipping options are available for an additional fee.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, GlassesUSA also offers free returns within 14 days of delivery. Simply contact their customer service team to initiate the return process and receive a prepaid shipping label.

International Shipping

GlassesUSA also ships internationally to over 100 countries. Shipping fees and delivery times vary depending on the destination country, and international orders may be subject to additional customs fees and taxes. It’s important to check with your local customs office to determine any additional charges you may incur.

Shipping Updates and Tracking

GlassesUSA provides updates and tracking information for every order. Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive an email with tracking information that you can use to track your delivery. You can also log in to your GlassesUSA account to check the status of your order and view tracking information.

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Overall, GlassesUSA offers convenient and affordable shipping and handling options for all customers, both domestic and international. With free shipping and returns, it’s easy to try out multiple pairs of glasses and find the perfect fit for you.

Returns and Refunds

Return Policy

GlassesUSA has a 14-day return policy for all eyewear products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can submit a return request and receive a full refund or exchange. The product must be returned in its original condition with untampered tags and packaging.

Refund Policy

If you choose to return your eyewear product, you will receive a full refund to your original payment method. Please note that shipping fees are non-refundable, and the customer is responsible for the return shipping costs unless GlassesUSA has made a mistake with the order.

Exchange Policy

If you would like to exchange an eyewear product for a different size, color or style, you can submit an exchange request within 14 days of delivery. GlassesUSA will provide you with a return shipping label, and once the product is received and verified at their warehouse, they will ship the new product to you free of charge.

Warranty Policy

GlassesUSA offers a one-year warranty for their products against manufacturer defects. If you experience any issues with your eyewear product during this time, you can submit a warranty claim and receive a replacement product free of charge. Please note that the warranty does not cover any damages caused by misuse or accidents.


GlassesUSA has a customer-friendly return and refund policy that allows you to shop with confidence. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return it within 14 days for a full refund or exchange. Additionally, the one-year warranty ensures that you are protected against any manufacturer defects.

Warranty and Insurance


When purchasing eyewear from GlassesUSA.com, customers are provided with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure any defects or damages caused by manufacturing errors are covered. This warranty covers any necessary repairs or replacements, as long as they fall within the one-year time frame.

It’s important to note that this warranty does not cover damages or defects caused by misuse, accidents or wear and tear, and customers may be responsible for paying for any repairs or replacements outside of the warranty period.


GlassesUSA also offers unique insurance plans for customers’ eyewear. Customers can choose from two plans: Glasses Insurance and Glasses Insurance Plus. Both plans provide unlimited repairs and replacements, as well as accidental damage protection for one year. The Glasses Insurance Plus plan also includes an additional year of protection.

The Glasses Insurance plan covers damages caused by accidents, such as drops or spills, while the Glasses Insurance Plus plan expands coverage to include loss or theft of glasses. Both plans require a deductible for each claim made, and the amount of the deductible depends on the cost of the original eyewear purchase.

Overall, purchasing insurance through GlassesUSA can provide peace of mind for customers who want to protect their investment in their eyewear, and the insurance plans offered provide a range of options to fit any budget.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Real People, Real Feedback

One of the best ways to determine the quality of a product or service is by reading customer reviews and feedback. GlassesUSA provides an extensive selection of customer reviews on their website, allowing potential buyers to see what other customers have to say about their experiences.

Customers provide valuable feedback on factors such as the quality of the glasses, shipping times, and customer service. The reviews are organized by product, making it easy to find feedback specific to the glasses you are interested in purchasing.

High Satisfaction Ratings

GlassesUSA has consistently high satisfaction ratings from their customers. Many customers rave about the affordability of the glasses without sacrificing quality. They also note the ease of ordering online and the quick and efficient delivery of their glasses.

Customers also appreciate the 100% satisfaction guarantee and the ability to return glasses with no questions asked. This is a testament to GlassesUSA’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Constructive Criticism

Of course, not all reviews are glowing. Some customers have encountered issues with shipping or had problems with the glasses themselves. However, one thing is clear – GlassesUSA takes criticism seriously and strives to resolve any issues.

They respond to negative reviews and work with customers to find a satisfactory solution. This level of customer service is commendable and further reinforces their commitment to providing the best possible experience for their customers.

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The Bottom Line

Overall, customer reviews and feedback indicate that GlassesUSA is a reputable and reliable company. With high satisfaction ratings, a wide selection of glasses, and excellent customer service, it’s easy to see why so many people choose GlassesUSA for their eyewear needs.

So if you’re in need of new glasses, take some time to read through the customer reviews on GlassesUSA’s website. Their experiences and feedback may help you make an informed decision and choose the perfect pair of glasses for you.

Contact and Support

Customer Support

If you need any assistance with your GlassesUSA purchase, our customer support team is here to help. You can reach us through our toll-free number, email, or live chat. Our team is available Monday through Friday, from 9am to 6pm EST, and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm EST.

Returns and Exchanges

If you need to return or exchange your glasses for any reason, our team is happy to assist you. We offer a 14-day return policy and a one-time exchange within 14 days of receipt of your order. To initiate a return or exchange, please contact our customer support team.

Prescription Questions

If you have any questions about your prescription or need to update it, our team can assist you. You can upload your prescription directly to our website, or you can email it to us. We also offer a Prescription Scanner app that can help you obtain your prescription from your current glasses.

  • Prescription Upload: Available on our website
  • Prescription Email: [email protected]
  • Prescription Scanner App: Available on the App Store and Google Play Store

Questions and Answers:

What types of glasses can I buy from GlassesUSA?

GlassesUSA offers a wide range of glasses, including prescription glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, and even glasses for kids.

What is the return policy for GlassesUSA?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your glasses from GlassesUSA, you can return them within 14 days of receiving them for a full refund or exchange. However, the return shipping cost will be deducted from your refund.

Can I use my vision insurance to purchase glasses from GlassesUSA?

Yes, you can use your vision insurance to purchase glasses from GlassesUSA. Simply enter your insurance information at checkout, and they will generate an itemized invoice that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. However, not all insurance plans are accepted, so you should check with GlassesUSA before making a purchase.


Michael Brown

I have been using GlassesUSA for a few years now and I must say I am impressed with their service. I have ordered multiple pairs of glasses and have always received them in a timely manner. The website is easy to navigate and they have a great selection of frames to choose from. The prices are also much more reasonable compared to traditional eyeglasses stores. Another great feature is their virtual try-on service, which allows you to upload a photo and try on different frames virtually before making a purchase. Overall, I highly recommend GlassesUSA for anyone in need of new glasses.

William Johnson

As a male reader, I found the article “What to Know About GlassesUSA” to be incredibly informative and helpful. I have always struggled with finding the perfect pair of glasses that not only fit my face properly, but also meet my style needs. GlassesUSA seems to have solved this problem with their innovative approach to online eyewear shopping. I appreciate that they offer free shipping and returns, as well as a virtual try-on feature which takes the guesswork out of finding the right frames. The variety of frames they offer is impressive and I appreciate that they have a range of prices to fit any budget. Overall, I am excited to give GlassesUSA a try and am confident that they will provide me with a great pair of glasses at an affordable price.

Adam Smith

I recently came across GlassesUSA and was pleasantly surprised by their selection and prices. The website is easy to navigate and they offer a variety of frames to choose from. I found a pair of glasses that fit my style and were affordable. The ordering process was simple and the glasses arrived quickly. One thing I appreciated was their virtual try-on feature, which allowed me to see how the glasses would look on my face before making a purchase. Overall, I had a positive experience with GlassesUSA and would recommend checking them out if you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses.