Headaches have several different classifications and sub-classifications and each type has a variety of contributing causes. The two most common types we treat are ‘tension’ and ‘cervicogenic’ headaches. Tension headaches are caused by excessive contraction or tightening of the muscles that cover and insert onto the skull and is quite often present with upper shoulder and neck pain. They most commonly present as a pain that begins in the back of the head and upper neck as a band-like tightness or pressure.

Cervicogenic headache refers to a pain in different areas of the head emanating from the joints of the neck. Excessive pressure or stiffness in these joints creates a pain that begins in the base of the skull and gradually works its way across the top or side of the head to eventually sit in behind the eye. They are most commonly caused by a progressive overload on these joints due to poor sitting posture.

Tension and cervicogenic headaches can occur in isolation, but more commonly present together due to poor sitting posture being a major cause of both.  Both types of headache are easily treatable by our experienced practitioners.


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