CBD Wellness Centre was started by owners
Rachel Hippolyte (Chiropractor) and Chris Dodd (Physiotherapist) 9 -10 years ago, after working together elsewhere.


After  9 years in business together, they went against the history of physios and chiros working together to bring together their vision to provide a clinic where patients could access excellent treatments regardless of the profession.

Our team has a mutual respect for the benefit that physio/chiro/massage and hypnotherapy has in treating pain and dysfunction.

"The human body has been studied for thousands of years and there are still things we don’t know".

Our goal at Perth’s CBD Wellness Centre, is to supply our clients with multiple perspectives on assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.


We determined that the best way to serve our patients, would be to come together under one roof, to offer our combined Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage and Pain Therapy services to every patient who walks through our doors.