Some injuries stem from poor foot posture and imbalances of the feet, often these need to be corrected with permanent shoe inserts called Orthotics. At CBD Wellness Centre we supply and fit Step Forward Orthotics, small inserts that fit into your shoes to provide the correct balance your feet need.

Step Forward orthotics can be used to assist in the treatment of plantar fasciitis (arch pain), bunions, dropped or high arches, hammertoes, shin splints (MTSS), knee, hip, low back and even neck pain.

The process is fast and simple; our practitioners take a standing print of your foot posture and explain the imbalances that are present. These prints are then used to size the orthotic specifically to the needs of your feet. They are usually ready within 72 hours and can be fitted at your next appointment.

Step forward orthotics are flexible and slim which means you can slip them into anything from a ballet pump through to a steel capped boot. Being flexible also means that they can be used during sport and exercise.

Other advantages include:

  1. They’re small enough to fit into ballet pumps and backless shoes, ensuring higher compliance amongst patients, especially females who enjoy small or tight fitting footwear.

  2. Unlike other types of orthotics, which can act like a ‘crutch for the foot’, Step Forward Orthotics provide a dynamic mold of the normal foot. This allows for correction of tight tendons and strengthening of weak muscles, which is evident when looking at the pre and post foot print following 2 years of use.

  3. They correct all 3 arches of the foot, rather than just focusing on the medial longitudinal arch.

  4. They are much cheaper than custom made orthotics, and most private health rebates still apply. Unfortunately HBF does not cover for our orthotics.

  5. They have a 95% success rate, and our experience with them have been much better than that.