Hi, could you please explain why they don’t cook off even at a temperature above 250 degrees? Will they cook off eventually if the candy is not immediately cooled?

How To Make Cannabis Hard Candy With THC Or CBD

Cannabis hard candy recipe

Making cannabis hard candy is an easy thing to do at home. You only need a couple tools, basic ingredients and some patience. The advantage of infusing THC or CBD into hard candies is that you can dose your edibles very easily. It might also help if you are looking to take weed edibles discreetly.

The basic ingredients for making cannabis hard candies

The only ingredients you require to start making cannabis hard candies are sugar, water, corn syrup and cannabis tincture.

The first thing you will need to decide on, is if you want to make THC hard candy or CBD hard candy. Simply use a THC tincture If you are looking for THC edibles or a CBD tincture for CBD edibles. You can also use both, it is all up to you!

You will be able to put in any flavor extract or coloring you want to customize your cannabis edibles. In turn, this is where you can experiment and get creative with your weed edibles.

Start to cook cannabis hard candy

Follow this recipe and use creativity to start experimenting with new flavors, colors, and shapes. Once you have a good grasp on how to make hard candies, you can start experimenting even further with different colors and shapes. Remember that cannabis candy is cooked at a very high temperature and it sticks, so never touch the hard candy with your hands.

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Cannabis hard candy recipe

A simple cannabis candy recipe that is easy to follow and never fails. These THC hard candies only require 4 basic ingredients.

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  • 2 – 3 Tbsp cannabis tincture 500mg THC
  • 2 Cups Sugar
  • 2/3 Cup corn syrup
  • 1/4 Cup Water
  • 1/2 Tsp Flavored extract optional
  • Food coloring optional


In a medium sauce pan mix together the sugar, syrup and water. Let it come to a boil and slowly stir mixture untill around 250F.

Once it reaches 250F, you need to stop stirring and let it come to approximately 305F. ( this happends quick)

Once your hard candy mixture is at around 305F, remove it from the heat.

Add cannabis tincture, flavor extract and food coloring. Stir it up and poor into your candy mold or baking sheet.

Let the cannabis candies cool down and harden before removing it from the mold.



Tip! If the hard candies are cloudy or foamy looking: once the mixture is taken off the heat, let it sit for 30 second untill all foam has gone down, before pouring into molds.


Serving: 1 Candy | Calories: 44 kcal | Carbohydrates: 11 g | Fat: 1 g | Sodium: 3 mg | Sugar: 11 g | Calcium: 1 mg | Iron: 1 mg

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78 Responses

Hello this will be my first time making hard candy, can I use coconut infused oil with Nate as of tincture? Where can I find a candy thermometer? I have read to make infused oil it is 1:1 how do I make it more potent then that? Please do you have these answers. Thank you.

You can make cannibus corn syrup. It’s pretty simple in a crock pot.
Yes u can I have made best o es and also I used more oil than recommended and still was great

I ordered my thermometer on Amazon. It’s digital and works great. I think I paid less than $20. Hope this helps.

Go to Lorann Oils on line to get a really nice candy thermometer.

I have yet to get the oil to mix thoroughly with the candy mixture, I have tried added it at different stages to where it’s not being burned off but the oil doesn’t like to mix with the sugar

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I like to infuse my cannabis with 1/2 cup MCT oil to 1/2 teaspoon of sunflower lecithin. The lecithin helps bind the oil and water.

Coconut infused oil can be mixed with water and sunflower lecithin. The lecithin helps the water and oil to bond, thus allowing it to be used for candy

I had the tincture at the beginning.
I oil the pot well so when it goes to the sides I gently (very very gently) scrape down the side so it keeps getting added back into candy.

Lecathin will help the fats bond with the water, and would probably help in this situation. Usually about a tablespoon per batch dies the trick.

If i was to use only thc sugar, how does the recipe differ?

Your going heat the sugar past a recommended decaroboxylation temperature. By adding a tincture after removing from the heat you provide stagnant heat and a pretty rocking high.
305 and dropping vs heating up to 305 . Also the alcohol will evaporate at 170f. So its convenient enough and a fairly passive extraction/infusion technique.

Everything will end out the same. I regularly make candy with cannasugar and coconut oil tincture, with no difference in product.
Ur just gonna have an extra powerful candy

When I make this it comes together nicely. My problem is it gets soft and sticky after a couple of days. Am I doing something wrong?

I’m just wondering how many times it has to be said that oil infusions won’t work.


I always use liquid coconut oil for my hard candies… never once have I had an issue in the over 10 years I’ve made them.

Today is October 11th I just did recipe with oil it made a semi hard semi hard soft chew not bad

It sounds like you almost made taffy. Try pulling it until it turns cloudy – like 15 mins or so to get air in it and once it’s opaque you’ve got taffy.

Why do you say this ? I have used coconut oil extracts and made hard candy. They seem to be a winner according to friends and family. I am a newbie and learning by doing, I find adding food coloring, flavoring an canna oil at temperatures above 300* F to be risky. I have slightly burned a batch, called it “toffee” flavor and moved on. However, I am still looking for the sweet spot. I have had batches harden quickly when I have waited to for temperatures, below 250* F . Eating the errors is the only bright side. It’s been a learning process for sure and alcohol based tincture may be a better way to go but not available option for me. I have burned several batches of sugar along the way. The temperature moves quickly once the sugar hits 250. Pay attention is my best advice. I’m still fine tuning and probably need better equipment but, it’s just a hobby. We enjoy the low doses and stabality of the final product, shelf life, etc… I just worry about burning off all my oil and cannabis if added at too high a temperature. It’s a learning process that has a cost for sure. Any ideas readers .

I make and use my own alcohol based thc and cbd tinctures. Use to use oil based tinctures to make candy and they weren’t bad, but when i got into making my own tinctures that were alcohol based i found out how much more potent i could get my candies. Not to mention the flavors were really there. My wife loves my wintergreen mints i make. I myself love my mint chocolate chip candies the most.

I’ve read that temperature that high will burn off the turpines. (About 250* F) I have yet to make a successful batch. Alas, I continue to try…

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I used the recipe using just tincture, and the oil came to the top.
I’ve made this kind of candy every year minus the THC for Christmas and its always been perfect. So….I’m a bit perplexed.

I noticed that to so i looked into making my own tinctures and found out alcohol based ones work better. Cause the alcohol burns off almost instantly leaving behind the sweet stuff.

Put a teaspoon of sunflower/soy lecithin into the mix to help the oil infuse with the water in the mix.
This will help with the oil/water barrier and help meld the mixture together

I used an alcohol based tincture as is hyperlinked in Jacob’s recipe and did not have this issue. Candies came out stellar. Stop wasting your oil tincture on this process.

What kind of tincture did you use? Because tincture is not oily

If you are using a high dose tincture – it will be oily because the THC is an OIL. That’s the problem with people having medical issues, they need better and stronger recipes. May I suggest you as the writer, look into this? Honey is a beautiful thing to work with in making candies and bonding the thc to at higher doses.

I used an alcohol based tincture, reading that people are using oil tinctures with no success, I would just stick to the alcohol tincture that the author has linked in his recipe.

My cannabis tincture is infused in everclear alcohol. Will the alcohol burn off when I mix the tincture into the hot mixture?

The last time I cooked candy, after it came to temp, I removed it from heat & added my tincture (1oz alcohol based). The room temp tincture mixing with the hot candy caused a lot of spitting and splattering of tincture all over my stove. At what temp can the candy be cooled enough before adding tincture to try to minimize this?
Thanks. I just decided to give it a go again & found your site.

Did you wait for the candy to stop boiling? I use canna sugar that I make from tincture. Food coloring at 260 degrees. Remove it from heat at 305. I use high-sweet instead of corn syrup because it’s very humid where I live and it holds together better. But the key to not burning everything out is wait until it stops bubbling completely. I also add just a little extra flavoring to replace any that did burn off and some Tart & Sour to fruity ones to bring out the flavor.

You can just leave the candy for about 30 seconds of the heat, and than slowly pour in the tincture As showed in video. It is important that the tincture is not cold, as the spattering than might happend. Try to warm up the tincture a bit next time and you will be fine.

If I want stronger candies, do I just add more tincture? Sorry if that’s a stupid question. 🙄🙂

Tried using this recipe. The tincture came out great (used the link attached) but as soon as I add the tincture, food coloring, flavor, the candy instantly ceased to to the point where it couldn’t be poured into mold. Why is that happening? I even made sure the tincture was warm….

Can i use cbd oil if so, how much should b used ? . Low dose. Use it to manage shoulder pain Use alcohol based tinctures for this method. He has a recipe hyperlinked above.

Is there any reason why the tincture (coconut oil base) would not completely mix? It seemS like I’m wasting oil because it just sits on top on the candy, no matter how much I stir which I don’t want to do too much of. Will adding the tincture at a lower temperature help?

I believe liquid lecithin is necessary with the THC oil to emulsifi the oil. I am going to use lecithin when I am making a water-based product. Lecithin might help make the THC more bio-available too?

Hi, Tincture and Coconut oil are two different infusion methods. If you use a Fat such as coconut oil, than yes it floats on the candy. Therefore, the recipe calls for Tincture, which is alcohol based. Not fat based.

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Will this recipe work if I substitute lemon juice for the water? It won’t hold up if you use too much citric acid. Same for gummies.

Can I pour the mixture into a squeeze bottle to get it into the molds or will it harden too quickly? I just feel like I’ll make a mess trying to pour out of the pot.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to put it in a squeeze bottle. I know my gummies mixture is too warm at first for me to comfortably use a squeeze bottle, these are WAY hotter. You can always spray a cookie sheet and pour it out on that. After it sits for about 10 minutes (cooled off slightly) take a pizza cutter and score the candy. Then when it fully cools, it should just bust apart.

Such a good question! But hard to answer, because i don’t know what you are looking for in terms of effect and potency. Taste wise, i love Blue skittlez. For this recipe

Would rso work instead of tincture? Would the Terpenes burn off and would there have to be any other adjustments for the use of oil? Thank you!

Yes RSO Can work too. But u want to make sure it is mixed very well. So everything is equally doses. Tincture is recommended. Terpenes do burn off. Terpenes are destroyed pretty much within minutes of the decarbing stage. If you want terpenes in the recipe, you can add them separately. You would need to buy terpenes. At that them at the last stage once the candy mixture is off the heat, ready to be poured in the mold.

How do i transfer the hot liquid into the little molds? Is there something specific i can use?

Can I use homemade alcohol tincture and silicone gummy molds? Would I need to grease the mold? Thank you

Yes, you can use homemade tincture.
Yes, you can use gummy molds.
You should grease the sillicone molds, for it to easily pop out

Is alcohol tincture used when making candy to sell in a dispensary. I was thinking that it would not be allowed use because of some of the alcohol remaining in the candy when it is done. I am trying to move away from tincture but I am having a hard time finding a substitute that can be added to such a hot recipe. I wait until the candy cools to 250 before adding the tincture. A lot burns off but I can still taste the alcohol. Any advise to get rid of alcohol, trying to make this for public consumption?

How much does the candy reduce down to? Trying to figure out what size mold to use to keep dosage accurate.

Planning to use 20 gms bud and 100ml organic maple syrup. Should I lower the water or the sugar? BTW I need 3-400mg THC for a buzz.

David, if you want to make maple hard candies. You don’t need the water or the sugar at all. Just maple syrup will do. Just make sure you follow the temperatures. If you want potent candies, you will need to put high dose tincture in their.

Paula FLAHERTY says:

Won’t adding the tincture at that temp burn off the cannabanoids?

At that temperature, the cannabinoids will not degrade. Additionally, as soon as you take the candy mixture of the heat and add the tincture, the candy mixture go’s down in temperature very fast.

Hi, could you please explain why they don’t cook off even at a temperature above 250 degrees? Will they cook off eventually if the candy is not immediately cooled?

The THC is completely degraded at a temp of 395F. With this candy recipe, as soon as you take the candy mixture off the heat the temp will be around 280F. Completely fine and your thc will not degrade. You always want to stay under 330F.