CBD Wellness Centre has a variety of equipment available for purchase. Outlined below are examples of some of the equipment that we stock; including pricing and information.


Theraband, sold in 1.5 metre lengths, is a simple piece of exercise equipment that can be used at home to perform light resistance exercises.

Available in three different strengths, theraband is perfect for performing your prescribed rehabilitation exercises.

Your practitioner will direct you in which of the following resistances is appropriate for the stage of your rehabiliation:

The RED band is medium strength
The GREEN band is a firm strength
The BLUE band is the extra firm strength

RED      $5.50     GREEN $6.00  

BLUE    $6.50


Foam rollers are a very useful piece of equipment for performing postural correction exercises and releasing myofascial (muscular) tightness by yourself. You position the foam roller between the ground and the area to be released and apply gentle pressure through the weight of your body whilst rolling along the length of the muscle to promote blood flow and increase flexibility. They are great to use during warm-up exercises and as part of your cool down routine. the large rollers are ideal for back and posture exercises while the small   rollers are great for keeping in your gym bag.


Small  $26.40  

Large  $60.50


The spikey massage ball is a targeted piece of equipment used to perform self-massage exercises and muscle release techniques, simulating the effect of a sports massage.

The spikey ball can help with complaints such as sports injuries, workplace soreness and general posture problems. You can even sit at your desk and use your spikey ball to relieve muscle tightness in your back.

This piece of equipment can be used anywhere and more conveniently, you can take it anywhere you want! There are a sum of exercises that you can do with the spikey ball that our Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists can show you.

$15 each


D-shaped Lumbar rolls are specifically designed to support the forward curve of the lower back (lumbar lordosis) when sitting.

They are useful to help relieve low back pain as well as improving sitting posture.

Whilst they are most commonly used when sitting at a desk they can be used on any chair that has backrest including cars and airplanes.






$20 each


The wrist widget is an ideal piece of equipment for those people who are experiencing ulnar sided wrist pain arising from the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex or TFCC (don’t despair; your physio or chiro will explain what this does).

People with TFCC problems feel pain predominantly when they weight bear through the wrist (push-up position). This is because damage to the TFCC makes the wrist unstable and stretches the small ligaments between the wrist and carpal bones causing pain.

The wrist widget provides targeted compression to the wrist without placing undue pressure on any bony areas, this enhances the stability and removes the stretch from the ligaments and TFCC, allowing them to heal.

$59.95 each


The tennis elbow brace is an adjustable neoprene support that can be used in the treatment and prevention of both Lateral (tennis elbow) and medial epicondylitis (golfers elbow). It has a silicon pad for targeted pain relief, an adjustable hook and loop strap for optimum comfort and can be worn on the left or right elbow.

Use of a tennis elbow brace can significantly reduce pain and improve grip strength allowing you to continue working or playing whilst your elbow heals, they are also great for wearing upon return to activity after an elbow injury.

$26.40 each


Contour pillows are ergonomically designed to support the natural curves of your neck and shoulders while you sleep.

Available in soft and firm densities, and small, medium and large sizes, means we have pillows that cater to everyone.

Its important to remember that, as humans, we come in all shapes and sizes and as such there is no one pillow that is perfect for everyone, however there are a few simple guidelines to follow when choosing your pillow:

  1. Make sure the density of the pillow is comfortable to sleep on – if you like a hard pillow opt for a firm one, if you like a soft pillow opt for a soft one.

  2. Make sure the width of the pillow fills the gap from your shoulder to your ear, holding your neck in a neutral position when you lie on it.

  3. We recommend sleeping on a pillow with a contour (wave) in it to support the curves of your neck. Our pillows have a high and a low side – the high for side-sleepers and the low for back sleepers.

It’s important that your neck is given the correct support it needs while you sleep to minimise the risk of joint sprains that can happen from sleeping in awkward or unsupported positions. For more information on contour pillows or to be measured for the size to suit you, contact us!


Looking for help & pain relief? Don't worry BakBalls have your back!

BakBalls are ideal to relieve back and neck pain and stiffness whilst also helping to improve your sitting posture at work.


BakBalls can help release trigger points in the muscles at the top of the neck and are great at relieving neck pain and tension headaches.


They are ideal to use at home, in the car or office!


Although BakBalls have been designed to assist in relieving back and neck pain, they do not negate the need to consult your health professional.


Be sure to discuss with your practitioner if you would benefit from the use of BakBalls