How To Make Marijuana Candy

April 23, 2017 Can I use tincture? that’s all I have right now. Also, I am having trouble getting even close to the 300 degrees.(electric 220 stove.)
Thanks a bunch!

Unforgettable edibles: Our 10 favorite cannabis recipes

It’s been a busy year in The Cannigma kitchen. Working from home and working in cannabis are two factors that can definitely pique your interest in cooking home-made edibles, but when you combine the two?

You can see why we’ve been up to our elbows in gummies and oils the past year.

We looked through the pantry and put together a list of our favorite 10 cannabis recipes from the past year, to make it easier than ever to find an edible preparation for any occasion.

10. Weed lollipops: Perfect for your sweet tooth

Woman in funny glasses sucking on a lollipop

What makes it great: A sweet and fun way to dose — and a great gift
Keto friendly: No
Vegan: Yes
Difficulty: ★★★
Type of recipe: Cannabis desserts
Who it’s great for: Anybody who has a sweet tooth and loves to get high
The perfect occasion: When you’re heading out the door for a long Saturday walk, and you need the perfect portable edible you can suck on as you take in the scenery.

“Like a kid in a candy shop” has nothing on “like a stoner in a dispensary for the first time.” This weed candies recipe requires making a tincture — which isn’t too difficult, but does take some time — as well as the use of a candy thermometer, candy molds, and lollipop sticks. The degree of difficulty is a little higher than some other edibles, but it pays off elsewhere. Weed candies are a lot of fun, and an easy way to take a specific, set dose of THC (or CBD) each time. And like gummies or chocolate chip cookies, they’re a perfect, bite-sized cannabis treat to bring to any function (or hoard for yourself).

9. Cannabis salve topicals: Make your own salve-ation

Taking cannabis balm out of a tin

What makes it great: An easy way to make a custom cannabis topical
Keto friendly: Yes
Vegan: No (includes beeswax)
Difficulty: ★☆☆
Type of recipe: Cannabis topicals
Who it’s great for: People who could benefit from a cannabis topical, but have had mixed results with expensive store-bought salves
The perfect occasion: When you need some relief and the topicals you have just aren’t doing it

Cannabis topicals can provide great relief for a wide range of skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, and can even ease the discomfort of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. The problem is, they can be expensive and aren’t always very effective. With this recipe, all you need is some decarboxylated cannabis, some cannabis infused coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, a double boiler, cheesecloth, and a container. The recipe can be easily customized with the addition of essential oils or other natural additives of your choosing.

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8. Rice Krispy treats: Snap, crackle, and pop yourself silly

Cannabis infused Rice Krispies Treats

What makes it great: Easy to make, easy for dosing
Keto friendly: No
Vegan: No (has butter and marshmallows)
Difficulty: ★☆☆
Type of recipe: Cannabis desserts
Who it’s great for: Anyone who is still a kid at heart — but also loves edibles
The perfect occasion: You’re throwing a party and you need the ideal individually-wrapped parting favor

Rice Krispy Treats are one of those iconic American snack foods that have stood the test of time and are sure to remain popular no matter how sophisticated our taste buds get. There’s just something about the gooey, sweet, marshmallowy goodness that makes them irresistible. Actually, the same goes for cannabis, just minus the marshmallows. The other great thing about this recipe is how easy it is, with only three ingredients between you and the perfect rice-based meal.

7. Delicious cannabis pizza: All those ninja turtles can’t be wrong

Slice of hot pizza

What makes it great: It takes one of the best munchies cures, and infuses the weed directly into it
Keto friendly: No
Vegan: No (unless you make it without cheese)
Difficulty: ★★★ (requires making your own dough)
Type of recipe: Cannabis dinners
Who it’s great for: People who want to try their hand both at pizza making and making their own edibles
The perfect occasion: Making pizza dough with friends for the first time, and posting all of it online (with mixed results)

Few things work better together than weed and pizza. It’s the perfect salty, gooey, greasy food that needs no utensils, no dress code, and no reservations whatsoever. But while most people would say, “why not just smoke a joint and order a pizza?” this recipe is a really fun way to infuse THC right into the crust, making it a dynamite cannabinoid delivery system. We also love this recipe because it’s the type of edible recipe that isn’t 100% practical. It’s not meant to create a quick delivery system like gummies, or a condiment like cannabis sugar. Instead, this is a recipe that you whip up for the fun of it — and then for the high of it.

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Unprecedented smoke smoothness. This is how every pipe should be; lots less coughing and more protection for your lungs.

6. Chocolate chip cookies: Toll House meets Dope House

Chocolate cookies

What makes it great: Easy to make and more fun to eat than brownies
Keto friendly: No
Vegan: No
Difficulty: ★☆☆
Type of recipe: Cannabis desserts
Who it’s great for: People who love easy baking recipes — and cookies
The perfect occasion: ‘Me time’ at home with a cold cup of milk and your favorite TV show

This recipe takes one of the most economic American recipes of the 20th century and updates it for the legalization craze of the 21st century. It’s every bit as simple as the Toll House chocolate chip cookies recipe, and merely requires substituting cannabis butter. The end result is a delicious cannabis dessert that is perfect for a nighttime treat or to give to house guests — as a parting gift, otherwise they won’t leave.

5. Cannasugar — make everything sweeter

Spooning white sugar out of a yellow bowl

What makes it great: It makes anything sweeter — and makes you higher
Keto friendly: No
Vegan: Yes
Difficulty: ★★☆
Type of recipe: Cannabis condiments
Who it’s great for: People who want an infused sweetener to liven up drinks and food
The perfect occasion: With your coffee on a weekend morning with a free schedule

Cannabis sugar is a perfect kitchen condiment for when you want to make a cup of tea or coffee or bake up some extra special cookies. Cannabis sugar (or “cannasugar”) is also completely soluble in water and low in calories, so it can be a great alternative to eating a teaspoon of cannabutter. Also, once you’ve really nailed the potency you need, cannabis sugar can be a great way to dose accurately for medical cannabis patients. One note though, the recipe isn’t complicated per se, but it does consist of (basically) making a tincture and then baking it in the oven to remove the alcohol. It’s nothing you need to go to engineering school to pull off, and really, that just makes the end result taste that much sweeter.

4. Cheez-Its, aka ‘Weez-Its’

What makes it great: It takes an iconic, irresistible salty snack and kicks it up a notch
Keto friendly: No
Vegan: No
Difficulty: ★☆☆
Type of recipe: Cannabis snacks
Who it’s great for: People who love salty snacks
The perfect occasion: The couch, 10pm, a weekend night, your phone is off and there is a full bowl of Cheez-Its on the coffee table

Scholars may dispute it, but in all likelihood no one in history has ever eaten just one Cheez-It. With a light coating of cannabis oil and a quick trip to the oven, Cheez-Its become “Weez-Its” in no time. This is not only a very easy recipe, it also produces a perfect infused snack that can be added to trail mix, passed around at a party, or wherever people are watching TV all night on the couch. Caution though, with a snack this addictive, it’s easy to eat way too many edibles. We recommend keeping some non-THC Cheez-Its in arms reach to satisfy the craving.

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3. Cannamilk — it does a body good

A woman drinks milk from a glass while smiling at the camera

What makes it great: Great on it’s own, or to substitute for “regular” milk in recipes like ice cream or creamsicles
Keto friendly: Yes
Vegan: No, though cannabis almond milk is vegan-friendly
Difficulty: ★☆☆
Type of recipe: Cannabis beverages and condiments
Who it’s great for: People who like to make creamy milk-based edibles
The perfect occasion: It’s a hot summer day, and you want to make cannabis ice cream

Cannabis does a body good, and if you got milk, then you should consider fixing a batch of “cannamilk.” Cannamilk is easily made by simply infusing milk with some decarboxylated cannabis. Like cannabis butter or oil, what makes it great is that you can easily add it to any recipe to create a homemade edible. You can also enjoy it on its own, or can add it to all types of things to make them a lot more fun. Do you like a little milk in your morning coffee? Do you like to dip cookies into a little cold milk? You get the idea.

2. THC gummies — by far our most popular recipe

cannabis gummies

What makes it great: They are gummies infused with THC, what else must be said?
Keto friendly: No
Vegan: No (includes gelatin)
Difficulty: ★★☆
Type of recipe: Cannabis snacks
Who it’s great for: Anybody, but especially those who like sweets and need precise dosing
The perfect occasion: A little night time treat with friends

Unless you’re a vegan — or a bear — what’s not to love about THC gummy bears? This recipe is by far our most popular, and it’s easy to understand why. Gummy edibles are all the rage right now, but they can be a bit steep at the dispensary. With this recipe, you can easily make your own batch in whatever mold you like, and adjust the potency as you see fit. Gummies are easily divided for dosing, and also make the perfect party favor. Again, what’s not to love?

1. Canna oil and cannabuter — the key to making edibles

Making cannabutter in a pan

➤ Go straight to the recipes: oil or butter

What makes it great: You want to make edibles? You’re only a step away now
Keto friendly: Yes
Vegan: Only the oils
Difficulty: ★☆☆
Type of recipe: The basics
Who it’s great for: Anyone who needs the building blocks of edibles
The perfect occasion: Anytime you need the key ingredient for edibles

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are fat soluble which is why you need a fat to metabolize them. Cannabis oil and butter are very, very easy to make with just some simple kitchen supplies like a saucepan or a double boiler, some cheesecloth, and a container to pour it all into. You can also easily adjust the potency of the cannabis fat you make, and once it’s ready, you can make any recipe into an edible just by adding a teaspoon here or there.

How To Make Marijuana Candy

cannabis candyMarijuana Candy Making 101

Marijuana candy, from weed lollipops to weed Jolly Ranchers, is not only stuff stoners like it’s easy to make at home. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make marijuana candy or THC lollipops but were too intimidated to try your hand at making hard candy, don’t trip. You can do it, dude. If you already know how to make hard candy making marijuana candy and weed lollipops is a snap. If you don’t know how to make hard candy then you should give this recipe a test run or two. Maybe even cut this marijuana candy recipe in half and definitely omit the hash to save money and practice it a couple times. Making hard candy, just like making marijuana candy, is as simple as heating sugar, corn syrup and water on the stove top. You can even do that while hella stoned.

Marijuana candy recipe

When it comes to making cannabis candy, or any hard candy for that matter, the most important piece of equipment is a candy thermometer. You’ll need one to tell you when you’ve reached 300ºF or what’s known as the “hard crack stage.” Once you get there successfully, making tasty thc candy is all down hill from there.

Cannabis candy equipment

Here’s a list of the equipment you’ll need to make cannabis candy or pot lollipops:

  • candy thermometer
  • damp brush
  • Pyrex dishes
  • baking sheet
  • lollipop sticks if making weed lollipops. If you’re looking to skip the marijuana suckers and just make weed jolly ranchers style candy you can omit the sticks.
  • candy molds could also be used if you’ve got ‘em.

Marijuana candy ingredients

marijuana candy

  • decarboxylated hash oil, kief or dry powdered hash (to decarboxylate the kief, hash or hash oil just bake it at 275 at five minutes) Start with 5 grams per batch add more if you want a stronger stone.
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 3/4 cup light corn syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon desired flavoring oil (peppermint, root beer, orange, etc.)
  • 1 drop food coloring (two drops of green is perfect)
  • 1/8 cup powdered sugar

How to make weed candy

Grease your pans and get a pot of water simmering to use to keep your candy malleable. You’ll need to move quickly once shit begins. Next drop the sugar, water and corn syrup in a heavy 2 quart saucepan and cook on high heat stirring constantly until the sugar is dissolved.

Once the sugar is all dissolved drop the heat to medium and continue to cook the mixture without stirring. The bubbles will start to slow down as you get near the 300ºF hard crack stage. This could take as long as 15 minutes or more so now’s the time to smoke a joint and relax. If sugar crystals form on the sides of pan just gently wipe them off with a damp brush.

When you hit the 300ºF hard crack stage remove your cannabis candy from the heat. Now it’s time to add your flavoring, food coloring and of course marijuana. Stir or swirl the pan only to mix.

Pour your liquid thc candy into those greased 9 inch pans. Pro-Tip—use cannabutter if you’ve got it to add some extra pot power. Set one pan of candy over that sauce pan with the boiling water. This’ll keep the cannabis candy malleable while you work with the other batch of cannabis candy.

THC Candy

As soon as the edible weed candy is cool enough to handle start cutting it with scissors into 1-inch strips. Then snip the strips into smaller strips about the size of a Jolly Rancher. Work quickly because if the cannabis candy gets too cold it will shatter and be difficult to cut. Pro Tip—if the marijuana candy cools too quickly set it over that saucepan with the simmering water, but if it gets sticky, return at once to the work counter.

Drop the pieces onto a buttered baking sheet. Use weed butter if you’ve got it. Next toss the cannabis candy in some powdered sugar to keep it from sticking together. If you’ve got sticks now’s your chance to make weed suckers. Grab a piece of parchment paper, grab a stick and insert the stick gently—once the candy cools you’ll have yourself some cannabis lollipops. Repeat with the other batch of cannabis candy.

That’s how to make marijuana candy and weed lollipops. Pretty easy, right? Now make with them pots and pans, dude!

Have any experience making weed lollipops or some form of hard cannabis candy? Let us know about it in the comments below…

44 Responses to “How To Make Marijuana Candy”


June 6, 2016 Question: I have a thc vape cartridge. 700mg at 65.92% thc. I would like to open it up to make some hard candies. How much of this liquid would I use for this recipe?? Thanks for any advice! 🙂

Robert Smith

September 25, 2016 Had some great success with this recipe. Made 64 candies with 5 mg each. Basically made then for about 30 cents a piece. Shows how much the dispensaries make on edibles. I will say at 300 degrees they camelized and had a burnt smell–ruined. Went to 280 next time. They are taffy like but with powered super and wrapped in parchment paper store well in the frig. Froze a bunch too in a mold.

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September 27, 2016 did you just grind your bud up an throw it in there or did you use oil and if so how did you apply it?

R.Smith. what did you use. Kif. oil. ets.


October 29, 2016 You don’t keep the mixture at 300 degrees for an extended period of time or it will burn. Once it reaches 300 remove from heat or simmer the candy mix. I make regular hard candy and that what I found works best. My question is how do you make a higher THC candy? How much more hash/oil/butter do I use?


November 22, 2016 Hi, I made some candy the other day, for my second time, but I did not get the temp to 300 for the hard crack stage. So my candy is in the freezer, as it gets soft at room temp. Can I put this is a double boiler to reheat it ?
Thank you Phil

Charlene Ashmore

December 8, 2016 Re cook your candy on hi add a 3/4 cup of water cook for about 15minutes on high

Robert Smith

December 9, 2016 Sorry for the delay. I used cannaoil–cannabis butter with canola oil rather than butter. I used 3/4 oz of about 17% thc cannabis in 2 cups of oil. Used 2 tablespoons for the recipe. Made 164 pieces. Used a candy tray from Michaels and sprayed with Pam before I put candy in. I did not go to 300 degrees . Tried one batch at that temp and burned it. Got to about 280 on the next batch which made like a taffy–sticky but fine if kept in frig. I separated themand put in powered sugar and wrapped individually in parchment paper and keep them in the frig. I actually frozen half in the candy tray and just got them out now for Christmas.


December 18, 2016 i have made several batches of candy with this receipt hitting the temp of 300 stop there timingKkk is very important notice watch how fast it is rising and time it right you will never get a burnt taste if your getting to 300 and pulling it then its really getting to 305 to 310 so burnt taste is acquired .
also as far as THC quenties ive played with this and added double and triple the suggested amount and only added more flavoring and have had awesome success friends and family say i’ve got Mr rancher (jolly rancher) beat PLAY AND DO YOUR OWN THINGS THAT’S HOW RECIPES ARE INVENTED DUH JUST DON’T BE AFRAID


December 20, 2016 If i were to completely grind some bud, as in use a coffee grinder and then a finishing grinder, wold it work in place of the chief or hash? Im in an area where getting large amounts of chief or hash isn’t necisssarily easy to obtain, but i can put my hands on a good bit of bud.


December 20, 2016 If i were to completely grind some bud, as in use a coffee grinder and then a finishing grinder, wold it work in place of the chief or hash? Im in an area where getting large amounts of chief or hash isn’t necisssarily easy to obtain, but i can put my hands on a good bit of bud.


December 24, 2016 I have found that if I cook medium low heat for 8 minutes then real high for 4 min to fix the casual stir except last 2/3 min Candie with harden


December 24, 2016 I used cannabis oil. Works great. Plenty of recipes. 3/4 oz herb to 2 cups canola oil. Really only need 4 tablespoons of cannabis oil for the recipe. I like 5 mg candies which are strong enough. I aim for under the optimal amount rather than too much. Makes 128 candies in molds from craft store. Spray mold with Pam/vegetable oil before pouring in molds. Just take 2 or 3 if 1 is not enough. I can make hundreds of candies with 2 cups of cannabis oil.


December 26, 2016 I can’t seem to get the oil to mix into the candy mixture. It separates on top.


December 26, 2016 You only add the oil after the candy has started to set/get sticky at 280 degrees and pulled turned off the heat. Stir it in good and by then it’s sticky so it should not separate. Then it goes right in the molds ( make sure you spray the molds with vegetable spray so you can get them out of the mold). Put the molds in the frig til cool. When you pull them out and break the squares into pieces you have to put alot of powered sugar on each and wrap in parchment paper then back in the frig til you want to eat them. I’m making them again tomorrow since I’ll see.


December 27, 2016 Anonoymous, do you live in the South in an area of heat and high humidity? Another site, Daily Kos said iF you have high humidity the butter can separate–heat/humidity are not good conditions for making any candy. Suggested adding 1 or 2 tablespoons of very hot water when you pull it off heat and stir it again.


December 27, 2016 Thanks Robert! I am in beautiful hot and humid Florida…lol. I got it though. I added the oil at around 250 degrees, then had to be patient as I gently mixed. Once the candy cooled down enough to just begin thickening, it blended, and then I poured into molds. The powder sugar coating was helpful for the sticky surface. Initially, I think I was giving up too soon thinking it wasn’t going to mix.


December 27, 2016 Good for you! You could tell I was worried haha. Ive worked in kitchens but no bakery stuff or candy. Still learning this but just made a batch that came out great. I was buzzed (as usual) before I use 4 tablespoons of oil to make about 150 candies–5 mg each. My dispensary in Mass sells them for $3 each, I figure I make them for 17 cents. Gave them away to friends by the handful to take home at Xmas and got rave reviews. Seems ppl don’t tally like high potency edibles–except one relative who ate about 50 mg in cornbread. He said Christ was coming thru the window. I said he should lie down. How much oil did you use? You will be ahead when dispensaries come to Florida–one hopes!


December 27, 2016 I appreciate your help and effort! I struggled for hours until I figured it out. The info is limited! I started with 2 tablespoons oil, made 120 candies. I’m new at this. Making for my brother, so figured I’d start low and tweak from there.


December 29, 2016 Nice you are helping your brother. One thing I’ve learned is that edibles require some fat to work best. Have your brother eat cheese or peanut butter cracker, french fries just before using. Cannabis is fat soluble and needs the fat to be absorbed. If it wears off some he can eat more fat after 2 hrs to keep it going. That’s why the original recipe was never going to work anyway. No fat to bind the Kief. Now that you have oil you can make cornbread, cookies anything. I froze left over oil in ice cube trays–2 tablespoons each. Should last up to a year.


January 1, 2017 Robert, I am new to making candy. I would LOVE to get some tips from you. My state just passed medical marijuana but we don’t have any dispensaries set up yet.


January 4, 2017 I’ve been using a similar recipe with decarbed kief…. My concern is how to ensure consistency since it seems kind of hard to thouroughly mix the kief in with everything else. Do you notice any consistency issues with this recipe using kief? (like one candy works, the next doesn’t?) Would it make more sense to use oil, or should the kief work just fine?


January 4, 2017 Tiffany good luck with the dispensaries. Better off on black market. I kinda gave all the tips I had.
I’m thinking you’d have to ad the Kief with the temp about 220 before it gets sticky. Cannaoil works perfect. I’ve been able to produce 3 sold batches with all 150 candies all the same dose. I’d save the Kief to sprinkle on a joint or a bowl.

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March 9, 2017 I live in mass and am trying it today I just don’t understand do you sub some water out for the canaoil? or just add that as well?


March 14, 2017 You don’t need to take any water out. Just add the 4 tablespoons of cannaoil. Add it at about 265 degrees as it starts to get sticky. Let it set for a minute first before adding then mix good. Works better if you use molds and spray with Pam. Overfill the molds too then put in frig for 30 min or as long as you want. I still have a full mold frozen.


April 23, 2017 Can I use tincture? that’s all I have right now. Also, I am having trouble getting even close to the 300 degrees.(electric 220 stove.)
Thanks a bunch!


April 25, 2017 You can use tinture to cook. Not sure how much you would use though. Are you using a candy thermometer? A 220 electric stove should get you to 270. You don’t want to go to 300 cause it will burn the sugar mix.


May 7, 2017 Can you use rick simpson oil for these candies? We have made plenty of batches of rock candy just need a recipe for use of rick simpson oil.


May 15, 2017 I made candy for the first time..I used 3 grams 87% THC Oil out of Oregon. Made 160 little candies like Jolly Rogers..Nice Heady Head..I can’t figure out how many mg that would be? I think I must be going it wrong.


May 15, 2017 I made candy for the first time..I used 3 grams 87% THC Oil out of Oregon. Made 160 little candies like Jolly Rogers..Nice Heady Head..I can’t figure out how many mg that would be? I think I must be going it wrong.
My calculations say they are 23gm per candy..They are delish and really canna, but they don’t seem That strong to me..but, I do FECO so it takes alot for me..


May 15, 2017 My calculations say they are 23mg per candy..They are delish and really canna, but they don’t seem That strong to me..but, I do FECO so it takes alot for me..Sorry, not gm.


May 18, 2017 I found that chocolate and butter pecan are very good but stay away from orange!

Carpal Tunnel

May 27, 2017 Also new to making candy! (also in Mass!) Have question for you: how effective can corn syrup be when making hard candy recipe? It has no fat. Everywhere I read THC needs fat. Had some wonderful chocolate (fat!) but didn’t get a buzz from the lollipops


May 28, 2017 Carpel,
If you make cannaoil/cannabutter there is you fat. You can look at my postings above to see how I modified the recipe to use cannaoil instead of Kief.


May 28, 2017 Where do you lollipops. I only see lozenges at mass dispensaries?

Gregory Andrews

July 28, 2017 daytripper23, there’s 1000 mg in a gram, so if used 3 grams, it’d be 3000 mg total. But it’s 87% thc, so you’d figure 87% of 3000, which is 2610. And you made 160 candies so you’d decide 2610 by 160 to get the mg of pure thc per candy, assuming it was mixed evenly. That would make each candy about 16.3mg of pure thc. Although, edibles are 5× more psychoactive than just smoking it, as it’s processed by your liver rather than your lungs.


October 15, 2017 We provide the best, organically grown, medical-grade A+, chemist-tested, marijuana that you can get. Shipping discretely worldwide , find our contact information below :
kik: cloudpurple9
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Candace Point

October 27, 2017 Can i use liquid sugar and infused coconut oil for hard candy?


October 31, 2017 Coconut oil works fine and actually has a different but really good taste. All the candy recipes I see call for granular sugar and liquid sugar. There must be a reason.


November 15, 2017 I have been making lollipops using cannaoil made with coconut oil for a while now.
A couple tips I suggest from someone who has made tons of mistakes and lost a lot of money in the process.
1. Do a trial run using normal butter instead of cannaoil. Humidity does affect the mix big time. You are better off screwing up some butter and sugar then the good stuff.
2. Buy yourself a digital thermometer with the dot, a lot of times the candy thermometers can be off or there is not enough product in the pot to get a good measurement. I know my thermometer was routinely 3 degrees off which is night and day in candy making.
3. In my personal opinion 250 is cutting it close with the mixture hardening I tend to drop my oil and flavoring around the 270 mark. Gives ample time to get a good mix and get the candy into the molds. People debate all the time about temp killing cannabinoids what I can say is at this temp my pops are still strong. I actually have a buddy who uses Martha Stewart’s recipe which calls to add butter in the beginning and his pops are as strong as can be.
4. The one thing I see all the time is people complaining about the oil breaking from the mix. I had this issue until I did 3 things. 1. Stayed away from making candy on rainy or humid days and when I had to do it I used a dehumidifier. 2. This is what I believe was the main key. I used a canning jar and did a double boiler so I could get my oil close to the temp of the candy mix. If you drop room temperature oil into your candy mix that is sitting around 250 degrees it is a recipe for your mix to break. 3. I upped the Lecithin in my cannaoil mix. I read this can help but I am not 100% sure what I do know is it did get my feeling good quicker.
One other note I am a big fan of sweet and sour combo get some citric acid put a little in your mix and then coat the outside of your pops with a sugar citric acid mix I find that it drowns out the planty taste of the pops.


November 17, 2017 Doing a practice batch is a great idea. I’ve also moved to warming up the oil and not adding it at room temperature. When I add it at room temp it bubbles up viciously and takes a while for bubbles to go away.


December 26, 2017 Thank you for all ideas and basic recipe instructions.

Blanche Deveroux

February 4, 2018 Hi all! So I’ve been making Cana pops and hard candy for years and in the beginning.. there was much trial and error but I’ve had flawless results for years now with this personally adjusted recipe. I have many versions depending on what the request, people live and breathe my candies medicinally and recreationally. Hope it’s as successful for as it is me.
Basic fail proof small batch, about 20 pops or 40 butterscotch’s, of Dab Candy
5.35 oz white sugar
2oz white corn syrup
3 oz water
(Mix these thoroughly in small saucepan over med-med hi heat and insert candy thermometer)
Let it do it thing keeping an eye on therm.
At 260 degrees add few drops gel food or icing color. Don’t stir.. it stirs itself. PRO TIP.. I always add a few drops of white, sounds silly and candy is pretty much pastels, but the white seems to eliminate the tack every time. It’s actually pretty amazing.
At 300 remove from heat and stir in 1-1.5 grams wax or oil ( I prefer sativa dominat strains ) and 1/2 dram of flavoring oil.. stir gently and pour into pre greased pre lollipop sticked silicone mold, quickly as it hardens fast. And boom.


February 18, 2019 We used to make this candy in Girl Scouts – Only minus the weed. 😉 But we’d just put the mixture on greased cookie sheets, let them cool and then crack the pieces, put them in baggies with powdered sugar and shake them to coat the candy. But I can see now you’d definitely not get an even dosing from that….pieces aren’t all same size. I was thinking maybe a sour apple flavor would take some of that taste away, and doing it like Sour Patch Kids with the citric acid in the sugar would be excellent!