Unsure on what to expect in your Chiro, Physio or Massage treatment? Our educational videos below offer a brief introduction on what to expect when we treat you.

Also Included are a series of exercise videos our practitioners may incorporate into your treatment program. Note that these exercises do not apply to everyone and should ONLY be performed under the guidance of your health care practitioner.

Chiropractic Adjustment – How does an adjustment work?

Physiotherapy – What is the difference between a strain and a sprain? How do you tape a sprained ankle?

Massage – What massage is right for me?

Curious about our dry needling? This video will give you a sneak peak into how we do our dry needling and what to expect.


The video below is our first video of the back pain exercise series. This series of educational videos will cover:
– Causes of Back Pain
– What to do in the case of Acute Back Injuries.
– Types of exercises that you can do during the Acute, Sub-Acute and Chronic Stages:

Acute Low Back Exercises 1 – Will cover the basis around which all core exercise should revolve including how to find your neutral pelvis position and how to engage your deep core and pelvic floor muscles.

Acute Low Back Exercises 2: In this stage we focus on improving range of movement through stretching and mobilisation exercises. These Include:
– Knees to chest stretch
– Knee rotation mobilisation exercise
– Lower back stretch
– Repeated extensions in lying

Acute Low Back Exercises 3 – In this episode we begin the early stage strengthening exercises which include:
– Superman Exercises 1-3
– Four Point Kneel 1 & 2
– Half Plank Exercise

Acute Low Back Pain 4: This episode teaches higher level strength exercise for the lumbar spine. This includes:
– Side Plank
– Clam Shell Exercise


Shoulder Strengthening Exercises 1 explains:
– The Causes of Shoulder Pain
– Early stage strengthening exercises for the shoulders which include:
– Rowing
– External Rotation in Neutral
– Internal Rotation in Neutral

Shoulder Strengthening Exercises 2 progresses from our first video and demonstrates more challenging exercises for the shoulder girdle and includes:
– Flexion of the Shoulder
– Abduction
– Scaption (Scapular Plane Elevation)

Shoulder Strengthening Exercises 3 – This video demonstrates the progression into higher level exercises for the shoulder by exercising it into its most unstable position and includes:
– External Rotation at 90 Degrees
– Internal Rotation at 90 Degrees


Suffering from neck pain? Follow these simple steps until you can see your heathcare practitioner.

Acute Neck Pain Exercises includes:
– Information on neck pain and it’s causes
– Exercises to perform when experiencing neck pain
– These are a series of exercises and should be progressed through under the supervision of your treating practitioner. They include:
– Pec Stretch
– Upper Trap Stretch
– Levator Scap Stretch
– Scapular Retraction
– Neck Rotation Stretch
– Isometric Protraction
– Isometric Side Flexion
– Isometric Roation